Or so my daughter thinks

Good morning, family. I know it’s been a couple of days, but I have legit been trying to recover. Everyone seems to understand that except that five year old daughter of mine…lol

Since my surgery, I have done my best, pain and all to get up, help her get ready for school, make breakfast, cheer, gymnastics or whatever else her schedule demands with a smile on my face. Our infamous morning songs and affirmations, and whatever it is she needs in order to keep her life as normal as possible.

Now, don’t get me wrong, my mother has been on it since day one. Doing her best to help me help myself as I attempt to help my child. This morning though, I had to explain to London exactly how I had been feeling. She has recently been responding with somewhat of an attitude when she asks me to do something and her Nonnie replies on my behalf with “I’ll do it”. Her response is, “why do you always say that when I ask my mom to do something for me? She can do it!”

Now anyone who knows my child, knows she has the biggest heart ever. She never wants to see anyone hurt, sad, or down especially her mother….lol. She’s never known me to “be down” because she wakes up motivating and encouraging me and I get up and make it happen, pain and all.

But this morning, I had to tell her that while she looks at mommy has her superwoman who can go and do no matter how I feel, that this time around, mommy was actually down for the count, and that I needed her to cooperate with her Nonnie in helping us help her. Do you know she had the nerve to look at me and say, “but are you doing it?” 😂😂😂 all I could do is look and say, yes, but…she said no buts, you’re fine! 😂😂😂 (and this is why we call her Respusha from Norbit)

And so it is with us. We may find ourselves going and doing not knowing that we may need to step back, take a break, reassess and re-evaluate our lives. We have to be honest enough with ourselves to say, hey, I’m doing too much and I need help or I need to stop and do something for myself . As mothers, fathers, entrepreneurs, employees, or whatever role we find ourselves in we often put ourselves, our feelings, our emotions, our anything on the back burner in order to accommodate and do and be for everyone else….smh

Your assignment for today is to add a “me” day at least once a month into your 2019 goals. Take time for you. Do something for yourself. And don’t allow whomever or whatever your “Respusha” is stop you from doing it.

Yes! this girl (or guy) can, but let’s learn to be honest enough with ourselves and others when we simply just can’t.

Here’s to your New Beginning 🎉 I hope it includes some YOU time.