Embracing Our Scars

I had a very restless night. I’m sure my body is beginning to adjust to the changes that have been made. I haven’t slept a full night, my insomnia is on 100%, my body stays hot and overheated, and all of that extra air they had to put in me is still in me causing the worst discomfort known to man πŸ˜‚ all in all, I’m managing (and the Percocet is helping me manage it a tab bit easier…lol)

I looked in the mirror this morning and counted all of my scars. Before my hysterectomy, in March of 2017, I walked around for about 2 weeks not really being able to breathe (now to my defense, I have asthma so I assumed it was the weather change, etc) any-who, come to find out, I had a fully collapsed lung 😩 and so into emergency surgery I went. Two days later, another surgery to try and repair my lung. That left me with four scars. As of Tuesday, I gained four more. A total of eight scars in a matter of one years time.

And so it is with life, we go through some hellish stuff that leaves us with scars. Some of us with one, some of us with ten, many of us with more. But I can definitely say πŸ—£I don’t look like what I’ve been through πŸ™ŒπŸΎ and neither do you! We have survived! We made it! And we have been left here to tell our story! I promise you the enemy knows we have something inside of us that this world needs, which is why he just keeps trying to steal, kill, and destroy, but God says I have come so that you may have LIFE and that more abundantly!

Your assignment for today is to count your scars, but instead of counting them as a sign of defeat, count them like you count your blessings! One by one seeing everything God has done! Today, we embrace our scars, allowing them to remind us that we’re survivors, warriors, conquerors of all things! We count them allowing them to remind us that WE ALWAYS WIN!

Here’s to your New Beginning πŸŽ‰



Daughter, sister, auntie, but my favorite title is mommy! I'm a lover of God with a passion for all things fashion. Mix it all together and you get ME! Unique, Original, Fabulous and one of a kind!

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