I’ll be home for Christmas

Hey there! By the time this blog posts, I will be in surgery. Do me a favor and send a prayer up for me please? I will be down for the next 6 weeks which gives me loads of time to do some things I need to do in order to launch a few things the first of the year. Yay me!!

Anywho, I’m going in today to have a hysterectomy. This has been a long time coming. I have suffered with reproductive issues for as long as I can remember. My cycle has always been wacky, and I have always bled heavy and cramped badly. I have endometriosis, fibroids, cysts, and anything else you could possible have. I have had surgeries, been on every type of birth control, and even had an eptoic pregnancy that caused my left tube to burst and nearly kill me in the process. With that, I lost a child and a tube.

And so today, I’m going in to have it all removed and taken out. My ObGyn and my primary care doctors both asked if I was ok and ready for this. My answer, uh, yes! Im 40, I wont be having anymore kids, and I’d rather menopause early instead of dealing with cramps, bleeding, and outrageous hormones. I know for some women, its not an option. It’s a hard choice for most women to make, especially those who want to have children. I get it. I know women who have had to have it, and not all cases were ones that they accpeted it or understood it.

So as the end of the year is drawing near, let’s remember those who have suffered loss. For me, today, I lose the very thing that makes me a women. That’s a hard pill to swallow, that what is suppose to receive and give life is gone. Your loss may not be my loss, but we have all lost something and so today, whatever that something is, we bury it. We allow it to rest in peace so that we can have closure and peace of our own. We forgive it, we let it go. We no longer allow it to control our lives, invade our space, cloud our minds, or continue to steal our joy. We loved it, but it’s time to let it go.

Today, we speak joy back, peace back, love back. Today, we wipe the tears from our eyes, and no longer cry over the things we can’t go back and change. Today we declare that we will LIVE and NOT DIE! Today, we hold our heads up, plant our feet firmly to the ground, raise our fist in the air and crown ourselves an overcomer! We refuse to be defeated, we refuse to let that thing that has died allow us to carry the weight of it any longer. WE ARE FREE! And we walk in that freedom victrious.

Love yourself enough to Let Go! Leave it, dont look back. For what’s in front of it is better than what you are leaving behind. Im so excited about your future, it’s going to be O-M-G-Uh-Mazing! Your assignment today is to write down what you’re going to leave behind and let go of in 2018. And then write yourself a list of what you are going to look forward to in 2019 🥳

Here’s to your new beginning🎉