I Will Have Whatever I Say

Good Morning,

This will be short and sweet on today because this conference is truly intense and I have to stay focus so I don’t miss a thing!…lol

My Instagram post today focused on holding on to the vision that God gave you in regards to whatever it is for your life. Be it about your business, marriage, life, family, finances, etc. Whatsoever it is, hold fast to it, it’s coming!

Your assingment today is to say this as often as you need to until it holds steadfast and unmovable in your spirit. Ready! Here we go:

My faith goes the distance. Daily, I continue to say what I see until I see what I say. I will say it, say it, say it, until I see it, see it, see it. I recognize that I have faith that moves mountains so I dont trip over rocks! My words have power and life so my success begins with me. I declare that I shall have whatsoever I say!

Here’s to New Beginnings!