There’s Only One YOU!

Be Bold. Or Italic, Never Regular.

I’ts 12:24am and I just finished packing for my trip to Atlanta in a few hours to attend an intense training called P3 with Coach Robin Ware. This retreat is designed to Pray, Plan, and Prosper your way into entrepreneurship. For the next three days I will be learning what it takes to build my business, create and generate income, and create a product or service that will launch me into the next level. I’m really excited about this retreat and will definitely let you all in on some of the things I learn.

The quote for today has really struck a cord in me because it basically explains who I am. I’ve never been “regular” and I’ve always been ok with that. Our assignment for today is to write down one unique thing about yourself that sets you apart. What gift, what talent, what skill, what feature, what anything?!And then I want you to embrace it!

What’s amazing is that God created each of us to be different, and while we have role models, and people we want to be like and/or look up to, we each offer something uniquely different from the rest of the world. According to Google, as of 2017, there are 7.53 billion people in the world, yet here you are fearfully, wonderfully, and uniquely made.

I’m finally discovering who I am, embracing the possibilities, and learning to live, love and be free in it. You only have one life to live, live it being YOU, and I mean REALLY YOU!

Today, take the mask off.  Look at yourself in the mirror, give yourself a big smile and declare that from this day forward you will can Be Bold. Be Italic, BUT NEVER BE REGULAR! Are you ready? Let’s go! The world is waiting to see the real you.

Here’s to New Beginnings🎉



Daughter, sister, auntie, but my favorite title is mommy! I'm a lover of God with a passion for all things fashion. Mix it all together and you get ME! Unique, Original, Fabulous and one of a kind!

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