And so the journey begins…

Well, today is that day. I am officially 40!! OMG! I remember thinking how this day seemed so far away when I was 17, graduating high school, going off to college, then joining the military and the list goes on. Silly me my, my, my has time flown. I mean seriously, where did the last 23 years of my life go?

Can I be honest? I have really been struggling since the beginning of this year with turning 40. I wasn’t ready to embrace it at all…smh. I was being really hard on myself questioning what I had done over the last 20 years, comparing my life to those I had met during those years, wondering if I had wasted 20 years of my life because I wasn’t the “success” I had promised myself to be by 40. What had I accomplished? What path had I taken? What choices and decisions had I made and what were the consequences either good or bad that had come from them? I had worked myself into a place of feeling less than, inadequate, and somewhat of a failure.

And then one day it hit me! Girl, please! YOU ARE…and I began to fill in the blank with words about who God said that I was and am and from there my life changed! God really began to work on me and the way I saw myself and my life AND I HAVE NOT LOOKED BACK! Every morning when I wake up, I speak LIFE into myself. I refuse to let my past effect or determine my future and from this day forward, I have promised myself to LIVE my best life, LOVE myself unconditionally, and LAUGH every chance I get because starting today at 40 until I take my last breathe are going to be my BEST YEARS YET OF MY LIFE!

So today, as I celebrate myself, Im celebrating YOU because in the words of Bishop Blake, I see you in your future and you look much better than you do right now! Don’t spend another day worried, anxious, depressed, or whatever it is you find yourself being and make up in your mind that TODAY it changes! You have more in front of you than you have behind you. And your best is yet to come!

Much Love!